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CFugue::CParserListener Class Reference

Base class that represents a Renderer Object More...

#include <ParserListener.h>

Inherits OIL::CEventReceiver.

Inherited by CFugue::MIDIRenderer.

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnChannelPressureEvent (const CParser *pParser, const ChannelPressure *pCP)
virtual void OnControllerEvent (const CParser *pParser, const ControllerEvent *pCEvent)
virtual void OnInstrumentEvent (const CParser *pParser, const Instrument *pInstrument)
virtual void OnKeySignatureEvent (const CParser *pParser, const KeySignature *pKeySig)
virtual void OnLayerEvent (const CParser *pParser, const Layer *pLayer)
virtual void OnMeasureEvent (const CParser *pParser, OIL::CEventHandlerArgs *pArgs)
virtual void OnPitchBendEvent (const CParser *pParser, const PitchBend *pPB)
virtual void OnPolyphonicPressureEvent (const CParser *pParser, const PolyphonicPressure *pPressure)
virtual void OnTempoEvent (const CParser *pParser, const Tempo *pTempo)
virtual void OnTimeEvent (const CParser *pParser, const Time *pTime)
virtual void OnVoiceEvent (const CParser *pParser, const Voice *pVoice)
virtual void OnNoteEvent (const CParser *pParser, const Note *pNote)

Detailed Description

Base class that represents a Renderer Object

Definition at line 37 of file ParserListener.h.

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