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CFugue::MidiTimer Class Reference

Plays the role of a pseudo MIDI Timer for MIDI Sequencer More...

#include <MidiTimer.h>

Public Types

typedef std::chrono::milliseconds Duration

Static Public Member Functions

static TimePoint Now ()
static void Sleep (unsigned long ms)

Detailed Description

Plays the role of a pseudo MIDI Timer for MIDI Sequencer

Definition at line 21 of file MidiTimer.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::chrono::milliseconds CFugue::MidiTimer::Duration

Summary> Returns current time point for MIDI Sequencing. It is usually measure as the time elapsed since epoch. Taking the difference of two consequent calls of this gives the elapsed time for MIDI.

psuedo time tick offset that is suitable for MIDI sequencer /Summary>

Definition at line 25 of file MidiTimer.h.

Member Function Documentation

static TimePoint CFugue::MidiTimer::Now ( )

Summary> Causes the calling thread to sleep

mssleep duration (in milli-seconds) /Summary>

Definition at line 33 of file MidiTimer.h.

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