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 C_s< _tEnd, _tEnd >
 CareTypesSame< T, T >
 CisTypeSpecified< _unspecified_type >
 Cselect< yesType, noType, false >
 CHiBitPosition< 1 >
 CTurnOnAllBits< 1 >
 NCFugueThe C++ Midi Music Programming Library, by Cenacle Research
 CChordDefDefinition of a Chord entry
 CChordsManiuplates Chord definitions for Western Music
 CControllerEventTakes care of defining the MIDI Controller Events used in MusicStrings
 CCParserBase class that represents a Parser Object
 CCParserListenerBase class that represents a Renderer Object
 CKeySignatureClass representing the Key Signature
 CMIDIDriverAlsaMIDI Driver for Linux Alsa based machines
 CMIDIEventManagerTakes care of MIDI Events, Tracks and Sequencing
 CMIDIRendererTakes care of Rendering MIDI Output either to a file or to a MIDI out Port
 CMidiTimerPlays the role of a pseudo MIDI Timer for MIDI Sequencer
 CMStringHelper class for simple string manipulations
 CMusicStringParserImplements a MusicString Parsing functionality
 CNoteClass representing a Musical Note
 CPlayerMIDI Player for Music Strings
 CStringLessImplements the less operator for Maps with string case-insensitive comparisions
 CTalamClass representing Carnatic Music Talam
 NOILC++ Object Introspection Library, by Cenacle Research

CFugue, the C++ Music Programming Library © Copyright 2009 Cenacle Research India Private Limited Gopalakrishna Palem